Klicky Probe as Endstop with constant Z-Offset


  1. Automatically adjusts to any buildplate material and thickness
  2. You only need to calibrate one variable: Nozzle-to-switch offset distance, instead of Z-endstop pin and switch body and nozzle
  3. Easy to set up


  1. Your Z-offset will change when you swap nozzles (unless you swap in a nozzle with identical height to the old one). This is the only time you have to recalibrate your Z-offset!
  2. No automatic Z-offset possible.

How to set it up

In klicky-variables.cfg

  1. Replace the following lines:
      variable_z_endstop_x: 1000
      variable_z_endstop_y: 1000


      variable_z_endstop_x: 0
      variable_z_endstop_y: 0

    #### Why change variable_z_endstop_ to 0 on both axis?

      # if a separate Z endstop switch is in use, 
      # specify the coordinates of the switch here (Voron). 
      # Set to 0 to have the probe move to center of bed
  2. Open your printer.cfg
  3. Comment out or Replace in [stepper_z]


      endstop_pin: probe:z_virtual_endstop
  4. Comment out position_endstop
  5. Set your probe offsets in [probe] section
      x_offset: 0
      y_offset: 19.75
      z_offset: 6.42
  6. Calibrate your z-offset the old fashioned paper way. Make sure to SAVE TO PROBE and not SAVE TO ENDSTOP!
  7. Enjoy :)

Important Notes & Tips

Always test your freshly-set-up Z-offset on the outer edges of your print surface. If anything goes wrong, you will only scratch the edge and not the middle.

What if I swap my nozzle?

If you install a nozzle that is longer than your old one, you need to decrease your [probe] z_offset. If your new nozzle is shorter than the old one, you need to increase the [probe] z_offset. If it´s the same length, you can just reuse the current value.