Mini12864 Klipper guide


  1. An MCU must be used that is compatible with the EXP1/EXP2 wiring standard (e.g. SKR, FLY).
  2. The EXP1/EXP2 ports must be available and not connected to another expansion module


NOTE: The two connector housings only need to be reversed if the MCU and display are different brands.
If you have both a BigTree Tech mini12864 and a BigTree Tech MCU (Or both a FYSETC mini12864 and an FYSETC F6/S6), skip steps 1 & 2

  1. Pry off the two black connector housings from the back of the display
  2. Rotate connector housings 180 degrees and insert back onto pins
  3. Fysetc Spider Only: The Fysetc Spider requires certain components to be removed from the mini12864 display.
    • From a Fysetc display, remove R1 & R4
    • From a BTT display, remove R1 & C6
  4. Connect EXP1 and EXP2 cables to the display and to your MCU board, being sure to match port numbers (EXP1 <> EXP1).
    Note: The Fysetc Spider V1.0 has a silk screen error. for V1.0 only, Connect EXP1 to EXP2, and EXP2 to EXP1

Mini12864 header housing flipped

Klipper configuration

Most stock Voron configuration files already have appropriate configurations for this display built in, which simply needs to be un-commented. These configs are customized for the specific builds, and should be what you use.

Note that there are multiple config sections involved in getting the mini12864 display fully operational:

  • [display]
  • [neopixel fysetc_mini12864]
  • [delayed_gcode setdisplayneopixel]
  • [output_pin beeper] (optional)

Some users find that they want to reverse the direction the menu wheel spins. You can easily reverse its operation by swapping the order of the two pins in the [display] encoder_pins line.

For example, if your stock configuration contained

encoder_pins: ^PC7,^PC6

you would reverse these pin assignments to

encoder_pins: ^PC6,^PC7

Troubleshooting checklist

The Mini12864 display can be a little tricky to get running correctly. Here is a short checklist to help double check some of the common issues.

  • Have you Rotated the headers on the back of the display? See Hardware above
  • Is EXP1 connected to EXP1, and EXP2 to EXP2?
  • Have you enabled all the config sections? Config options [display], [neopixel fysetc_mini12864], and [delayed_gcode setdisplayneopixel] are required to fully enable all features of your display. However, [output_pin beeper] is optional.
  • Voron 2 dual MCU configurations: Is your firmware configuration in agreement with your physical wiring about which MCU board the display is connected to? (As provided in the stock printer.cfg, the display should be connected to MCU-Z)