Voron V1 - SKR 1.4 Wiring

Initial Preparation

  • If using the TMC2209 stepper drivers, use a small pair of wire cutters and remove the pin marked in purple. This is to disable sensorless homing which is not needed for the V2.

  • Reconfigure the on-board jumpers as shown.


  • Place stepper drivers for X, Y, Z, Z1, and E in positions X, Y, Z, E0, and E1
  • Plug in stepper motors for X, Y, Z, Z1, and E in positions X, Y, Z, E0, and E1 (one of the Z connectors will be empty)
  • Plug Hot End thermistor to thermistor TH0 (P0.24)
  • Plug Hot End heater in to HE0 (P2.7)
  • Plug Hot End Fan + Controller Fan in to HE1 (P2.4)
  • Plug Bed Heater thermistor in to TB (P0.23)
  • Plug SSR Control for Heated Bed in to Neopixel (P1.24)
  • Plug Part Cooling Fan in to Fan (P2.3)
  • Connect X end stop to X-STOP connector (P1.28)
  • Connect Y end stop to Y-STOP connector (P1.26)
  • Connect Z end stop to Z-STOP connector (P1.25)
  • Plug Probe PWR and GND into FAN2
  • Plug Probe Signal (with BAT85 diode) in to Probe (P0.10)
  • Plug in Exhaust Fan in to HB (P2.5)
  • Plug display wires in to EXP1 and EXP2
  • Wire 24V and 0V from DC power supply to Power In
  • Connect USB Cable to your SKR 1.4, but do not connect it yet to your Raspberry Pi

SKR 1.4 Pinout

For reference, here is the pinout of the SKR 1.4