Voron V0.1 - SKR mini E3 V3.0 Wiring


  • Plug in stepper motors for X, Y, Z, and E in positions Xm, Ym, ZAm, and Em
  • Insert hotend heater wires into screw terminals E0 (PC8)
  • Insert bed heater wires into screw terminals HB (PC9)
  • Plug hotend thermistor into TH0 (PA0)
  • Plug bed thermistor into THB (PC4)
  • Plug part-cooling fan in to FAN0 (PC6)
  • Plug hotend fan into FAN1 (PC7)
    • Note that if you are using a 5V fan (typically supplied with V0 kits), you will need to remove the red-wire from the JST connector, and insert it into a 5V source (e.g. on pin 2 of Z-probe connector; see pinout below). Otherwise, you will burn out your fan immediately.
  • Plug X end stop into X-STOP (PC0)
  • Plug Y end stop into Y-STOP (PC1)
  • Plug Z end stop into Z-STOP (PC2)
  • Wire 24V and -V from DC power supply to VIN and GND
  • Connect USB Cable to your SKR mini E3, but do not connect it yet to your Raspberry Pi

SKR mini E3 V3.0 Pinout