Trident Gantry Wires

This chart only includes what goes into the cable chains to the gantry. It does NOT include exhaust fan, filament runout sensor, or other non-essential wiring.

Wiring length

Chain 250x250x250 300x300x250 350x350x250
X (Toolhead) 190cm 200cm 210cm
Y (Endstop Pod) 160cm 165cm 170cm
Z (Bed) 100cm 100cm 100cm

Wire Count

Chain Signal 24AWG 20 AWG
X Hot End Heater   2
X Thermistor 2  
X Extruder Motor 4  
X Inductive Probe 3  
X Hot End Fan 2  
X Part Fan 2  
Y X Endstop 2  
Y Y Endstop 2  
Z Ground   1
Z Bed Heater   2
Z Bed Thermistor 2  
Z Z Endstop 2