Voron Switchwire - Einsy Rambo Wiring


  • Plug in stepper motors for X, Y, Z, and E in positions X, Y, Z, and E0
  • Plug Hot End thermistor to thermistor T0 (PF0)
  • Plug Hot End heater in to extruder heater HEAT-0 (PE5)
  • Plug Hot End Fan in to FAN-1 (PH5)
  • Plug Part Cooling Fan in to FAN-2 (PH3)
  • Plug Bed Thermistor in to thermistor T2 (PF2)
  • Connect Bed Heater to Bed Output (PG5)
  • Connect X end stop to X-MIN (PB6)
  • Y Endstop is not used.
  • Connect inductive probe to Probe input (PB4), on pins +, -, and ā€˜sā€™ on the drawing. Pin 1 (T) is unused.
  • Wire +V and -V from DC power supply to both Power Input and Bed Power Input.
  • Connect USB Cable, but do not connect it yet to your Raspberry Pi

Einsy Rambo 1A connections